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Andy's Mini-Reviews



Vivian (Lauren Bacall), not talking about horses: “Speaking of horses, I like to play them myself. But I like to see them work out a little first, see if they're front runners or come from behind, find out what their whole card is, what makes them run.”
Philip Marlowe (Humphrey Bogart): “Find out mine?”
Vivian: “I think so.”
Marlowe: “Go ahead.”
Vivian: “I'd say you don't like to be rated. You like to get out in front, open up a little lead, take a little breather in the backstretch, and then come home free.”
Marlowe: “You don't like to be rated yourself.”
Vivian: "I haven't met anyone yet that can do it. Any suggestions?"
Marlowe: “Well, I can't tell till I've seen you over a distance of ground. You've got a touch of class, but I don't know how far you can go.”
Vivian: “A lot depends on who's in the saddle.”

Marlowe: (to Vivian’s father, about his younger daughter Carmen): “She tried to sit in my lap while I was standing up.”